Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Strange but beautiful encounter

When we got through the school gate this morning I was really pleased to see Marcus break into a run, keen to get into it. He's sometimes much more reluctant. Then he turned around and ran back shouting "DAAAAAD!!" - he didnt seem scared though.

An african man had come out the door Marcus had been running towards. The next thing I know, I'm holding Marcus's hand and the man is holding his other hand, kissing his hand, murmuring to him, tousling his hair and then kissing him on the cheek and bustling off again. I couldnt help laughing all the way through it, it was so unexpected but lovely. Marcus seemed to take it in the spirit it was intended. I think the man thought he had scared Marcus and wanted to reassure him.

The man was gone and Marcus didnt seem to give it a second thought, but it left me with a good feeling.

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