Monday, April 18, 2005

Wordy boys

Michael seems likely to be just as verbal as Marcus. He is talking a lot, parroting what he hears (such as "Richo!") but also learning and attaching those sounds to the right things. One of my favourites is "there y'go" when he gives you something.

Marcus has a hooded bath towel which is called the witches hat. He has to run around nudely with it on his head and flapping behind him. Last night he said - "If I'm a witch I could fly!" I said yes, witches can fly. "On a stickbroom!"

I read a nice story today about James Hird the Essesndon footballer (an ornament to the game). He was playing football with his 5 year old son Thomas in the backyard. Thomas said "I'll be Matty Lloyd. Who are you Daddy? You can be Mark Johnson."

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