Friday, January 27, 2006

Australia Day

Australia is really just a series of beaches, with a milk bar over the road and then some houses and stuff that eventually peter out some time before you get to Uluru.

We went to the beach for Australia Day. Once again Nick and Anna and Lily showed us how to do it. Nick dug a large pit in the sand, lined it with a sheet of plastic, and presto - a safe paddling pool right next to the family shade-tent. I missed my chance to actually swim as Marcus had to go to the toilet at that point, and refused to wee in the sea. So I watched Michael from a vantage point on land while Marcus and Elf trekked up to the toilet block - then it was time to pack up.

Marcus made up a tune (played on the special punch-balloon) called "Bellow Hips". He explained after playing it that it was about a farmer who had lost his sheep.

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