Sunday, January 08, 2006

Baling from pool to pool

We went to a free Fun Day in St David's Park today, cruised around that for about 3 hours then put in another hour or so at a Kite Festival at the Regatta Grounds. The RG is a terrific place - it is quite breezy, with a lovely elevated view over the river and the Port of Hobart. I always come away from there feeling refreshed. It was a great day for kites, and the kites responded well, I thought. There were little easy-to-fly kites for sale for just $3, so the sky was thick with big and small snippets of luridly coloured nylon. There was also a teenage rock band belting out covers and the occasional shoe-gazing original. Marcus and I danced to the best of our ability. The main difference is that I don't have the front to call out "do you like my moves?" like he does. Later Michael joined us and pogo'd enthusiastically to Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand.

Prior to that was the Fun Day. There was a Petting Zoo. I prefer to call friendly manual contact with animals "patting" but no-one ever seems to call them Patting Zoos. "Petting" is a word I associate with those books for parents of teenagers about helping them deal with "changes" in their bodies.

I digress. There were alpacas, piglets, fancy fowl, horses, geese who had been infiltrated by a duck, lovely cows, kittens (to give away) and I believe also a mule. The piglets stampeded through their water trough, soaking Michael and I. We agreed this was well worthwile.

There were some children's artistes called the Ticklish Allsorts who did a song about some dancing pants. Marcus thought this was very very good, and demanded to know the Allsorts' names. I didn't know, but Marcus was confident the computer would. I later saw one of the Allsorts up close, who had a head like a robber's dog, but looks aren't everything in live entertainment.

We had neighbours over to swim in our new pool this afternoon. The new pool actually arrived just before the neighbours. Elf noticed (after filling it) that our old one was leaking chronically, so popped down the shops, bought a new one and blew it up. We then baled with buckets. Marcus jumped about in the old one until it was empty then did an amphibious wriggle into the new one. Sharon and Lana (4) came over from town-side and Caron, Mark, Cameron (6) and Adrian (4) from mountain-side. We havent been able to get them together before so it was nice to all natter, get splashed, have a few G &Ts and be neighbourly.

They are very nice folks on both sides, with nice kids of similar age to ours, and that's a big factor in our crazy plan to knock down and rebuild here rather than move. Which reminds me - we met with the Council's heritagey people on Friday and negotiated a simple alteration to the front of the new house that keeps them happy. We will set back one side of the upper storey a tiny bit and put a dear little roofette on the projecting lower storey. Now we are going to start inspecting places to rent while our old house is razed and our new house is raised.

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