Monday, January 30, 2006

Tiny railway

We went on the little 2' gauge Ida Bay Railway on Saturday. Its a couple of hours south of Hobart - yes, you can drive south of Hobart. It takes 40 minutes to go 7km each way, through very dense bush. There were bobbly plants with about a dozen long stalks with black spherical bobbles on them - must find out what they are. The carriage was open, with six bench seats, and the engine was a tiny thing with an ordinary car engine inside it. The boys loved the whole thing. At the end of the line is Deep Hole, actually a lovely white beach. We scamped about there for twenty minutes then travelled back again.

There was once a town at Ida Bay, of which little rmains now. The cemetery survives, and the train stopped there for a few minutes. This set Marcus off on another series of penetrating questions about death and dying. We have given him the impression that dead people "look like they're sleeping". He wanted to dig up the dead people to have a look at them. I said there were probably just bones down there. "Why?" At this point Elf stepped in to head off a chat about decomposition.

Later Marcus asked "Can we find a dead person?" I said "No, I told you we can't dig up dead people". "No, can we find someone who has just died and bury them?"

The lady who runs the railway sported a fine moustache. I asked her daughter the way to the toilet. "Just follow the train tracks back into into the bush, and you'll find it behind a big tree".


Anonymous said...

I think the chick with the mo was called Merv.

chris rees said...

That's right - she's called Moey Merv, to avoid confusion with her busband (Toothless Merv).