Friday, January 06, 2006

See Jeff's Show! Please!

I saw Jeff's show Cancelled by Popular Demand last night. It is slightly tightened up from last year but fundamentally the same show. All Jeff's props broke, fell over or stuck to each other last night but he overcame setbacks manfully. It is a great show, everyone within cooee of Hobart should get down to the Peacock Theatre Tues - Sat nights at 8 or Sundays at 4. Book through or tickets at the door.

In other news - while driving in the car Marcus raised the subject of Mexico. Its a nation I have never visited but dear to my heart all the same. Its got jungles, I raved. Deserts. Indians. Snowy mountains. "Cheese" contributed Michael.

Circumstantial evidence points to Michael entering the Terrible Twos a few weeks early. He 's generally still charming but prone to increasing bouts of NO! DON'T WANT IT! and MICHAEL'S!

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