Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Michael turns two

Its Michael's birthday today - the 2nd anniversary of that wonderful but very scary day when he was born and we were told he needed an immediate heart operation. He's a marvellous little boy and we are so, so glad to have him. I'll be taking him (and Dog no doubt) back to the Royal Childrens for a checkup at the end of March, but all his signs have been good so far.

We had a party for him at Kingston Beach on Sunday morning. It was a very relaxed gathering. We got nibbles from Citrus Moon and Elf iced a supermarket butter cake, so we certainly didnt knock ourselves out with catering, yet everyone was well fed and happy. There was good cloud cover for most of the morning to keep the heat at bay - it got to the high thirties in the afternoon.

Charles, Emma and baby Caoillain (I have to check the spelling every time) from Melbourne were there, on their way around southern Tas on holiday. It was Emma's 30th birthday on Friday and Charles propsed to her on top of Mt Wellington. They came to dinner on Friday and then we saw them again on Monday night. In between they saw more of Tasmania than I ever have - they are tourists par excellence.

Yesterday I heard from John also from Melbourne, (one of the regular readers of this blog) that he proposed to his partner Carmen last week in Tasmania. There must be some kind of migratory mating thing going on. Big good-on-yas to Emma, Charles, Carmen and John.

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