Tuesday, July 25, 2006


We started the weekend with a party at Kidz Bizzzz (don't forget the 4 zeds) on Saturday morning, for Saffy's 5th. I hadn't been there before, but its new, clean, well run, and all the kids in it were behaving. Incredible. At one stage a young blonde woman arrived with four (or five) small blond girls. Three were dressed alike and looked exactly the same - triplets. The other two were dressed kind of similar and maybe one and two years older. We thought - hells bells, are they all HERS? Turns out they are her mothers. Oh.

After lunch we went up through the back gate and took our young neighbours Cameron and Adrian along with us up to Wellesley Park. It was a beaut afternoon, and we just mucked about up there until it started to get dark. The 4 boys combine and permutate in interesting and often very self-containing ways. Cameron taught us to play "Creep" which I think is the same as "Statues".

On Sunday morning Nick, Anna, Lily and Katherine came over, and we went up the hill again and had a picnic. We taught them to play "Creep" too. Anna's dad has brought her back a huge sleeveless sheepskin coat from Austria. Nick was wearing a tight leather coat with a large tweed cap. There were lots of pimp jokes. Sometimes they are so West Hobart.

On Sunday afternoon we went over next door to visit Lana, who was playing a complicated Tarzan DVD game, where the voice kept telling the kids to "go get those banannas". I managed to get them all out in the sun, as Lana's dad has a large spread-out woodpile, and there's nothing I like better than sitting on a nice log in the sun. After a while Michael and I went back over to our back yard. Then Lana and Marcus came over too - they are very proud that they are allowed to walk along the footpath three metres from Lana's front gate to our steps. Finally Elf and Sharon came over and we all stood around and enjoyed the sun, doing nothing in particular, until it was time for Sharon to drag Lana home for dinner.

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