Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A series of questions

A series of questions from Marcus this morning, over a period of about 15 minutes. (Leaving out eight or nine of the more mundane ones);

1. How do the wheels of the car roll when you are turning the steering wheel?
2. How does the car not roll away on its own?
3. Was god around when there were dinoasurs?
4. How could he make sure they did the right thing, when they are just animals?
5. What are the other pedals in the car for?
6. Have you ever done anything against the law?
7. Why are shop words on a hill, instead of on a shop? (prompted by Keens Curry sign below)

To which I might add from yesterday - a(i). How did Michael get conjunctivitis? (Michael has in fact got conjunctivitis) and a(ii). Who did the first person who got conjunctivitis get it from? The latter I have filed alongside "Where did the seed for the first carrot come from if there weren't any carrot plants before?" which, i will make the subject of my doctoral thesis, in retirement.


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