Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I wear Bonds boxers, which are nearly all a nice grey marle, with a few black and one pair of blue. Marcus, on the the other hand, wears little undies in all colours of the rainbow. Sometimes at the supermarket I treat myself to a new pair, and the other night they were only available in 2-packs, black and orange. Well, it won't kill me to wear orange, I thought.

The first day I had them on, I was sitting on the toilet in the evening, pretty tired, when I looked down at the orange pants around my ankles and thought momentarily "Am I Marcus?" It was strange.

Marcus is creating hats at the moment. He is a haberdasher or perhaps a milliner, I'll have to look those words up. Some of his designs are ingenious - and he's doing it all without any urging from us. I'll take and post a few photos when I get some batteries in the camera.

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