Monday, July 31, 2006

Loss of a dear friend

My old cat Gizmo died on Saturday. He had been very ill for a while with a tumour, lost a lot of weight and was hiding himself away most of the day. Our friend Mary, who has been his vet for most of his life, came to our house. We all said goodbye to him, and Elf took the boys outside to play. Mary gave him a sedative, then a final heavy dose of anaesthetic. He died peacefully in my arms. I am sure it was the right thing to do.

We buried him just inside the fence, in the backyard, where the boys will play and we will be gardening around him. (We made sure he will be safe from the earthmoving equipment that will demolish the house and reshape the front yard fairly soon.) We miss him very much.


James V said...

Very, very sad to hear it. I was only reminiscing about a previous life in North Hobart with Gizmo and Chris just around the corner. Will give Audrey (cat) an extra helping of Whiskas tonight and an enthusiastic pat in memory of Gizmo,

chris rees said...

Thanks James. They were happy days in the our little backwater of North Hobart.