Monday, July 10, 2006

Taking Marcus to the footy

I had a bit of a mix-up with Rob. He thought he and I were going to have lunch and then go to the football. I thought he meant he and his brood would come to our place for lunch and then we would flick on the telly and watch whoever was playing. As a fix-up to the mix-up Elf and I and the boys met him at the pub for a counter lunch, then Rob and Marcus and I continued on to the football and Elf and Michael went shopping. It had been a lovely sunny morning, so we didn't bother taking any particularly warm clothes.

We watched the second and third quarters of a Clarence v Hobart game at the TCA ground up on the Domain. The weather turned bad, with an icy penetrating wind. It wasn't much of a spectacle, but then local football never is unless you know the players, particularly on a blustery day.

We sat up in the very top of the stand and shivered. Pigeons strutted and sparrows hopped about among blowing papers. It was so cold. Then: parrots! Beautiful rosellas appeared from nowhere, playing tag in amongst the rafters of the old grey grandstand. It was a very beautiful moment, totally unheeded (as far as I could tell) by the crowd, intent on the football. I have seen parrots about on the Domain many times, but never have they been such a relief.

We headed for home shortly before threequarter time as we were frozen, and Marcus can't stand the sound of the siren.

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