Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Memo to monkeys: look out for parrots

Here is a quick 'n' easy ready reckoner to my weekend.

Friday night
- Started work on bookcover, caught a cold.
- Received first building quote (which took over two months). $60,000 over budget.

- Boys did some excellent bike sharing. (I have a small movie if anyone wants to try and view it, here are some stills).

- We visited our friends Jasmine, Cam and Sarah. I have known Cam for many years and now Jasmine and Marcus are in the same room at Friends, and get on very well. Had a lovely time.
- Went to see Dave Graney at the Republic with Dave Woodward, lawn bowls teammate. The room was dotted with other lawn bowlers. DG was great, shook his hand after. Will contact him later to warn him he is straying into lawn bowls demographic.

Update - Sent DG a message and got a quick reply, which just goes to show he is a consumate professional, although technically no longer King of Pop. I think now he might be Viscount of Boogie.

- Brunch with Rob, mel and Ollie at Salamanca. After initial misbehaviour Marcus settled down and played a loosely structured but well-mannered game of giant chess with an older boy.
- While discussing what different birds eat (eg insects, fruit, seeds, other birds) Marcus told us quite confidently that parrots eat monkeys. His rationale for this was densely argued and unfathomable.
- Looked at a beautiful house at Opossum Bay built by one of our prospective builders. Encouraging.

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