Monday, December 18, 2006

Elf's workshop

I knocked off my Christmas shopping on Saturday. We dropped in on the Dog and Spanner (Nick and Anna) and their girl-children. They have a very nice and user-friendly deck. It doesn't have glorious vistas, isn't doesn't loom over their garden. It is just very pleasant to sit and listen to the distant crashing and squealing of the children.

Our Christmas tree is looking great. Every time I come home Michael gives a little flourish with his hand and says "look at our treeeeeee!" Its a bona fide pine, and Marcus has really thrown himself into making decorations this year. Elf is taking little craft workshops and teaching the boys to do this and that. [I should avoid using "Elf" and workshop" in a sentence together at this time of year, but that just slipped out and my Delete key is broken].

On Sunday Rob, Mel and Ollie came by, with armloads of food as usual. They even brought gifts for the boys, to get the pile under the tree started. We ate until we were stuffed then staggered downhill for a very pleasant couple of hours sitting in the shade doing not much at all while the kids amused themselves. Rob and I were idly poking sticks into the sand while we chatted, and before we knew it we had erected miniature palisades opposite one another and slipped into a bit of a cold war. When he wasn't looking I built a Peace And Co-Prosperity Highway connecting our two nations of sand. Little did Rob know I built it with my armoured divisions in mind.

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