Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The solitary beach

When we drive anywhere from the Beach House, we get a lovely view of the beach on our way down the hill. We look along a great sweep of it, with the waves rolling in from the right. Its amazing how often there is no-one on it, or perhaps a few specks in the distance down the dog-walking end. This is a fairly densely populated area, with houses and a few shops right along the Esplanade facing the beach, and all the surrounding hills pretty closely settled. There is no shortage of people about. If I didn't know better I would imagine the waters were infested with sharks or stinging jellyfish or something.

We are really loving our ready access to the surf and sand, and have probably been at least every second or third day in the last few weeks. We will definitely be trying to keep up our beach hours after we move back to the hinterland in June. The boys love it, and even "no getting wet" visits, they are endlessly fascinated (for now) by shells, sticks and seaweed. And, er, ciggy butts.

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