Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hijacks 12 d The Bowling Shanes Prem Def 7

Last night was the Grand Final for this roster. As usual the Mervs were a few pages behind everyone else, and didn't tell us it was the final until I was already into my 2nd sausage.

We shot out of the blocks to lead 6-0 after 2 ends. Then we put our feet up and watched as the Hijacks eked out a comeback. We only won one more end I think. They picked up one point, end after end after end. We looked to be rallying at one stage, holding four shots. Their skip is a bit of a little master, and he nearly tipped us out all together. As it was he cut our gains down from 4 points to 1. It was to be our last hurrah.

The attractive trophy has passed into the hands of Hijacks. The defence was unsuccesful. It was a good season however, and we all bowled pretty well.

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