Friday, December 29, 2006

Seasonal visitations

Matt K (old buddy, and stalwart reader of the blog), and his daughter Edie visited us on Tae Kwon Do Day (after Boxing Day). We hadn't seen them for over two years, but the kids were soon scamping about very happily together. In their younger days Marcus and Edie saw quite a bit of each other, and it was heart-warming to see them working things out together. Matt and his family are living in Sydney but hopeful of a move back to Hobart soon, if things work out with a job at Tas Uni.

The kids bounced on the tramp, made monsters, we had the obligatory ham sandwiches, then walked down to the beach. It was blustery and cold and we felt like fools when we got there. Marcus swam all the same, making friends with a boy his own age as they leaped about in the breakers. After a while being frozen and sandblasted we went to Citrus Moon for coffee and shelter.

Here are the three daredevils on a stationary racing car (we have a policy of never putting money in the rides at the Moon - we just go there too often.) It was wonderful to see good friends after so long, and hopefully we will see them again, along with mum Mem and baby sister Callie who were indisposed on Wednesday.

Yesterday (um, Kung Fu Day?)... we were visited by the households of sisters Wendy and Jill. This consists of Wendy's 10 month old twins Samuel and Isabella, Jill's non-twins Alec (4) and Lucy (1), and Wendy's husband Jon holding it all together in a support and logistics role. (I imagine Jill's husband Steven was swordfighting with evil dwarves in a role-playing session somewhere). We hadn't seen Wendy and Jon since their wedding, as they are living in the most isolated large city in the world, Perth, WA. They have coped with twins admirably, as they seem to be basically the same people they were pre-kids. Bravo.

I looked out the window at one stage and Marcus had an avuncular arm around Alec's shoulders, sketching some sort of plan in the air with his hand. Alec looked on eagerly. It was something to do with a tennis ball, some concrete steps, a window and a bucket. Inside Michael was quite happy with his role as King of the Babies. "NO - DON'T EAT THAT!!" he advised them as they gummed tinsel, books and toys.

We have an invitation to train across the Nullabor and visit. We just might take them up on it, but probably not this year when the mortgage will be biting hardest.

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