Friday, December 29, 2006

Sydney to Hobart

We were able to stand on our "deck" - (concrete landing at the top of the back steps) and watch the Sydney to Hobart line honours winner come upriver last night. There was a fairly small flotilla of spectators, considering it was not even 10pm. Elf said "look - there's Wild Oats", but I thought the modest line of lights was just a freighter. The sails of the maxi in question were unhelpfully black and it seemed to have just one tiny light winking atop the mast. Maybe lights are considered dead weight. Mum rang her yachtie brother Peter in Sydney, to tell him what we were seeing. "How many knots is she doing?" Err... "Is she on just fores'l and mains'l or is she belaying a genoa to windward (or something)?" Um....

I turned on the local ABC radio thinking they would be broadcasting the action live from Constitution Dock. Instead someone was talking to James Valentine about their favourite songs. Patsy Cline belted out Crazy as the little entourage slipped out of sight around the headland. Patsy is so blue-water racing.

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