Monday, December 18, 2006

Sydney Harbours

My Mum is from Sydney, and even if no-one else enjoys this list of place names, I'm sure she will. Hi Mum. These are from Port Jackson, Middle Harbour, Botany Bay, Port Hacking and Broken Bay, and they are all close enough to the city to fit in a Sydney street directory.

Balls Head
Bongin Bongin Bay
Bottle and Glass Head
Box Head
Little Box Head
Breakfast Point
Butchers Block
Caravan Head
Dead Horse Bay
Dolls Point
Harness Cask Point
Hen & Chicken Bay
Jew Fish Bay
Kissing Point
Long Nose Point (2 of these)
Looking Glass Bay
Neverfail Bay
Onions Point
Parsley Bay (2 of these)
Powder Hulk Bay
Quibray Bay
Salmon Haul Bay
Shag Bay
Shark Beach (in Shark Bay - it has a swimming enclosure)
Snails Bay
Soilybottom Point
Tambourine Bay
The Spit
Tom Uglys Point
Yowie Bay

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