Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Annual kitefest outing

We had a big day on Sunday. Once again, the Kite Festival and the Big Day of Mooing, Baaing and Ice Cream in The Park were on the same day, We managed to cruise through both, dash home for a snooze then back up at Huon's 5th birthday party in the pm.

We kited well. It was a perfect morning for it, warm and humid, relieved by a stiff cooling-and-kite-lifting breeze. There was not actually enough wind for some of the really big kites but we didn't care. I love the regatta ground, its one of my favourite places in Hobart. Just a big grassy common really, overlooking the Port of Hobart. We don't have "commons" in this country, but that's what it is.

We jumped in the car and relocated to St Davids Park. The Mercury sponsor a free day of farm animals and kids' entertainment. The stuff on stage is quite uneven, and not really up our kids' alley. But they enjoyed patting furry beasts, pretty indiscriminately. After ice cream and a bit of bouncy castle exercise, we wandered home for a rest.

Huon's mum Abby had organised his party for 3.30. We half woke up the boys, and had to finish the job when we got to Huon's house. Once he realised we were there Marcus was wide awake. He and Huon are made for each other. They just love to crash and bash. At one stage, they were both up an apricot tree. Huon said "Let's fall out of the tree and wrestle!"

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