Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Michael turns 3

Michael's actual birthday was Thursday the 24th. We had homemade cherry icecream and three candles on a plate for him to blow out. We sang Happy Birthday and he looked genuinely tickled pink. Till then he had been totally unlike Marcus at this age - couldn't give two hoots about turning 3 or being the centre of attention. In fact, Michael actively denied being 3.

We had small party on Sunday. Michael had been very lukewarm and evasive about party details, so we left it very free-form. No games, no treasure-hunt. No huge guest list or toy library ride-on stuff.

Bill and Felicity came down from Canberra to be there, so we asked my Mum and Dad to miss this one and let B and F be the rostered -on grandparents. Michael has no friends yet that are specific to him. He loves playing with all our friends' kids, and all Marcus's friends, and gets on well with the kids at daycare without any being extra special. We decided to invite just a few families we havent seen for a while, and Allison, who's been Michael's carer at least one day a week for nearly his whole life.

We hobnobbed very lazily with Michael's people. Most of the young guests were girls. Marcus monopolised Tom Vickers, so that left the three girls to gad about with Michael. He held his own very well, and was a gracious host. For someone barely three he has a good command of the basic niceties, such as "Would you like to...", "This is my friend Marcus" and "Well done!"

Michael's haul of gifts included a chunky kid-size magnetic poetry set, an unusual body parts game, books, a growling plush anaconda, a lavalamp-type drippy oil thing, a large and varied art set and a talking Scoop (of Bob the Builder fame) who shouts "No prob, Bob!".

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