Monday, January 29, 2007

Trout v Monotreme

Bill and Felicity arrived from Canberra via Launceston on Friday. We took them out to see the Salmon Ponds on Saturday morning. The weather was a bit bleh unfortunately. We didn't get as wet as the fish but almost.

We arrived about tennish, and the rainbow trout were not hungry. On our last visit they were leaping about majestically. The albino salmon, while only perckish, at least had the advantage of being easy to see. The brook trout seemed to be doing some kind of yogic mind exercises. Things were generally on the quiet side. Still, Bill and Felicity thought it was very pleasant. We got in from the rain and had a few pancakes. When we came out again the trouts had livened up their act a little.

We roamed up and down and enjoyed a bit of interspecies food-based communication. Michael was just starting to crack up a little tiredly, and Felicity had just finished exploring the riverside walk, so we'd decided to call it a day.

Suddenly a playtpus appeared in the long rainbow trout pond. Sunning its tummy like the otter in Ring of Bright Water. Then, it was gone. Bubble. Bubble bubble. Massive trouts loomed about. Pop! Platypus again. I thought they were incredibly shy - but this fella was practically signing autographs. He was actually diving and swooping down through the trout. Amazing. He was still performing when we left, while some tourists from Yorkshire were filling every digital storage medium they had with footage.

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