Tuesday, January 02, 2007

White Man Falling by Mike Stocks

This book made me snort with laughter. It also made me think about what it means to just be. When you aren't doing, you are just being. Sub-Inspector (retired) R.M. Swaminathan of the Mullaipuram police, south India, has already had a stroke "while administering a mild custodial beating to a Very Guilty Suspect". Then one day a white man falls from the sky and lands on him. He goes further downhill, but in his state of doinglessness, he finds he is a guru with thousands of followers.

The pearls of Indian English are superb. "Look at the boy! He is complete nervous wreckage!" "His wife is 100% full of the crazy nonsense-making!" "That is very best and very lowest discount taxi fare in Mullaipuram for dead people" etc. I don't know anything about Mike Stocks but his writing is full of wit and fondness for India.

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