Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bowling Shanes 13ish d Foxy Morons 7ish

I had to rush off at the end of this match, so I didn't quite grasp the final score. We won, hooray.

We had a guy named Adrian filling who works at Clemenger, an ad agency where I worked for a short time. He asked me if I was an art director. I explained to him at that art directors don't really exist any more, they are an anachronism and like all right thinking graphic designers, I think up the designs and execute them myself, I don't stand around telling minions what to do. Of course it transpires Adrian is an art director. So we spent the rest of the evening justifying ourselves.

It was a beautiful evening, and as the sun set behind the North Hobart Football ground I thought again how funny it is that the most comfortable place to sit in that ground is named the Plaister Stand.

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