Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Michael kerns

Michael (now 3) continues to be obsessed with letters and numbers. He spends many happy hours arranging wooden letters on the floor. He has just started writing, spelling words from memory. His letter shapes are pretty good, and his memory is phenomenal.

He often comments "That's a funny T" or "That's a funny F" , when he seems something letterlike that he doesn't quite recognise, like a script font, or chinese characters. A couple of typographic things bug him and he regularly mentions them.

The BETTA milk logo. Michael feels the two Ts should not be touching. He has several times asked me to get a biro and draw a blue line to seperate them. I work with Dean who designed this logo about six years ago. When I mentioned this Dean said I can blame the flexographic print process and ink bleed for the letters joining together. Its a cop-out and he knows it, but I will try it on Michael next time he complains.

The other regular one is the 4 on a letterbox near our house. "It's got a bit missing" says the junior typographer. I can't for the life of me work out what he thinks is missing. I will have to photograph it, print it, and get him to draw in the part he thinks it lacks.

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