Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Boys miscellanea

Marcus: How did Christmas happen before Jesus was born?

Michael with pins and needles: There are bees buzzing in my foot.

Marcus: Did someone invent languages?

Marcus: Did someone invent God?

Marcus explaining a situation at prep:Isaac wasn't sulking. He was just... grim.

Michael often takes a book to bed - usually a picture book or a little pocket dictionary or something like that. I found him this morning snuggled up with the Modern Medical Counsellor by Hubert O. Swartout (c. 1950), leather-bound and running to about 300 pages.
Me: Did you have that in there all night?
Michael: Yes. It's called Duck the Chick.


Rees said...

Well why someone hasn't already written a book about Duck the Chick is far beyond my reckoning...

- Yr Sstr

chris rees said...

It reminds me of the TMBG song Boat of Car