Monday, February 19, 2007


It's finally cooled down. We had a very hot weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Its very unusual for the temperature to stay up that long in Tasmania. The change finally arrived about 9pm last night. We went to the beach early on Saturday, but avoided it completely on Sunday. Like all people who live near beaches, we look down our nose at daytrippers, and they were hanging from the trees yesterday.

Hobart has some very nice beaches, and one of the great things about them (usually) is the lack of people. You can go there on a very nice day, but unless its 30° you won't see many people. Suddenly when it gets that hot, everyone jumps into the 4WD and gets down to a beach to fight for a parking spot. The hotter it gets the more people arrive. Around 5pm I had to to post some things, and the shortest way home from the PO was along the Esplanade - it was like the Royal Hobart Show in swimwear. Sunburned people stepping in front of cars. Erratically parked hoonmobiles. Six people hanging off a jetski.

Emergency services have reported that they were as busy as an average New Years Eve. Some heatstroke I suppose, but mostly people who have sat in the sun, tried to "cool down" with beer, then done something silly.

We were at the Big Hardware Hangar yesterday around midday, and the boofheads in front of us were buying one of the those split-cycle air conditioners that comes in two very big boxes. The sparky "team member" on the register said to them "are you setting it up yourself?" Yeah. "How long do you reckon that'll take?" Dunno. "Be a shame if you get it all set up and its already cooled down eh?" Er, yeah.

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