Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Supermarket ambience

The supermarket is a groovy place. I was there last night, and at least three shoppers were singing along (some with a little bit of hip-swinging) to Don't You Want Me, Baby by The Human League. Terrific stuff. There are regular spots between the music where a professional voice-over artist (recorded in Sydney probably) urges you to go and buy some fish. They are plugging this new kind of fish called basa very hard. It comes from Vietnam - that's all I know about it.

What amused me was the tone of voice. Great girlish excitement when she mentions you can win a trip to Vanuatu if you buy $10 worth of fish. A bit of pacific music. Whoosh of palm trees. Then, as required by state government legislation, she has to read out the permit numbers. Suddenly she is all business. No palm trees. This is a national competition, and they can't be bothered recording the voice-over five or six times, so she has to say, very fast, "ACTpermitnumber0867566456 NewSouthWalespermitnumber0867566456 Victoriapermitnumber..."

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