Thursday, February 08, 2007

Here for the Beer 17 d The Bowling Shanes 11

The HFTB lads made a very sharp start and before we knew it we were down 10-1. We have never made a big comeback, so we weren't confident. Then we suddenly came good and picked up 6 points on one end. The only two bowls of ours that didn't score were mine - I bowled all night like a dog who is not good at lawn bowls.

Hunter was skip, and he instructed me to take the mat way down the green and keep the ends short. I felt a bit foolish, as I could just about shake hands with the skips down the "far" end. It seemed to work though. We keep sneaking back, picking up one point at a time.

With one end to play we were down 14-11, with an outside chance of stealing it. Sadly, I continued to bowl rubbish and the other Shanes were powerless to resist the HFTB juggernaut.

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