Thursday, July 24, 2008

For all your owl decoy needs

Pilot/Statistician 1st Class Michael Lean has done some excellent dtetctive work on the Mice Device© mentioned earlier. He Googled for more information about it, and my blog came top of 3,567,435,786,234 web pages. I am the front line of Mice Device© promotions. I am going to try to protect this premium position by mentioning it at least weekly.

However, Michael found a British website where you can purchase them online. They also carry the following (spot the made up item as usual);

Bird Scaring Decoys
Chimney balloon guard
Cockroach Trap
Cray Fish Trap
Duffus Mole Trap
Family Rat Trap
Feral Cat Traps
Feral Pigeon Trap
Ferret/GlissGliss trap
Folding Rabbit Trap
Fox Trap
Gauntlet gloves
Goose baffle
Gull spikes
Hawk decoy
Mink Traps
Mole Traps
Owl decoy
Pigeon spikes
Run Through Mink Trap
Scissor Mole Trap
Slug & Snail trap
Stoat Trap
Tunnel Mole Trap
Wooden Rat Trap
Wood pigeon trap
Weasel trap
Wind up mouse trap

Note: "The Glis Glis is protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. Their cry is unique and can only be described as, woofle, woofle, woofle! They can also make a noise which sounds like a lawn mower." - thanks also to Michael for that footnote.

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