Monday, July 07, 2008

Quiet moments at work

One of the things I love about Roar is the bathroom. I like to read on the toilet, and I like to share interesting, thought-provoking and unusual reading material. So I appointed myself years ago as Toilet Librarian. When we were based in Hill Street in an old church, the toilet was actually a fully functional bathroom, with shower and bath. There wasn't much room for literature, and it often got soaked as it was within splash range of the sink.

In our Gore Street premises the bathroom has floor-to ceiling frosted glass, facing west, so in the afternoon especially it is a fine place to read. The toilet is safely housed in a stall. Every now and then I change the selection of 90s design magazines, art books, antique football annuals and atlases. Very popular at present is the almanac of false facts Areas of My Expertise by John Hodgman which is having a second run, by popular demand.

What moved me to actually blog about the facilities was the Atlas of NSW which is in there at present, open to a page of street maps of NSW towns starting with W. Each day (three times on average) I look over at the map of Woy Woy and think "This is a fantastic place to work".

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