Monday, July 07, 2008

Sally comes to work at Roar Film

My younger sister Sally has started work at Roar Film on a nine month contract, to project manage our commitments to the 2009 10 Days On the Island festival. We are producing TV and web stuff like last year but also all the print material. The program is the main thing - a big fat compendium of painfully alteration-prone text and troublesome artist-supplied photographs.

When I heard we needed someone to do a kind of arts-world-liaison-cum-organisational-champ role I suggested that we talk to Sally. She recently left a fully entrenched job in a contemporary art organisation to concentrate on her own artwork,. The old money catch-22 meant she finally had to take up my long-standing offer to attempt to wangle some work for her.

I saw dollar signs (on Sal's behalf) when I saw the job description they had to fill. I tried very hard not to oversell her abilities, as that would have make her life hell on getting the job. I was delighted when after a brief preliminary chat with Sal, Roar pursued her with zeal, and in the end fashioned the specifics of the job to fit her. She got the job purely on her own manifold merits.

All I said to Roar about Sal was that she was very nice, and very smart. And what business doen't need people like that? I enjoy having her at work. I am not involved in 10 Days On the Island at all, and Sal isn't involved in my projects, so we have a purely 'Hey how ya doin?' relationship at work. But I can tell that everyone is very impressed with her, she fits in effortlessly, and she complements and extends further our good-humoured and relaxed yet industrious work culture. I hope Sal will get as much out of her 9 months as Roar does.

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