Monday, July 21, 2008

South Hobart 6 d Taroona Blue 5 (u/6 soccer)

Marcus' team have only lost once this year, and this was the rematch. It was a pretty high standard, and a thrilling finish. At one stage South led 4-1. Tony made a mass substitution, and things went a little downhill.

There are players who are very competitive, who defend grimly and attack creatively, who know the score and are playing to win. And they were mostly on the sidelines at this point. Taroona had some talented players including a big boy named Angus who hoofed a couple of goals from the halfway line. Before long they were ahead 4-5. Sometimes the Taroona players would be gathered in front of the open net debating who would kick the goal, while our players were up the other end, wondering what they were supposed to be doing, or maybe what would be for lunch.

Tony pulled his masterstroke and brought back on the more competitive boys. After a goalmouth scramble three South boys combined to force the ball in to level the scores. Then Oliver came to the fore and won the game with his first ever goal.

I had goosebumps! It goes without saying I am a sad case and a bad influence. I do yell my head off during games, but I applaud goals for both teams, and encourage a lot of the other kids whose parents seem to be more inhibited than I. I only have a small window of opportunity before Marcus starts to get embarrassed, and I am using it to the full.

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