Thursday, July 10, 2008

Michael's vocal stylings

Michael has an engaging habit of making up and singing a little song about whatever drifts across his field of vision, or pops into his head. As we drive around town he will sing: "Crazy John's, Crazy Johns, Highfield Hou-ou-ouse, Sports-girl, Spor-or-or-ortsgirl" etc. What is strange is that he sings in a kind of Rod Stewart mid-atlantic accent. This morning a song about clouds in the sky was rendered as "clads in the skah". When I have asked him about why he does this he becomes irritable and evasive. We have not subjected him to very much FM radio or 'Hits and Memories' so I really don't know how he has assimilated that "this is the way to sing with feeling".

He was at home with Elf the other day, happily singing as he sat at the table drawing.

Michael: Old people that have died, old people that have died, old people...
Elf: That's a bit of a scary song Michael!
Michael: Hmmf - scary for you but not scary for me.

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