Monday, July 07, 2008

Traditional Basque cuisine

Michael has got an unusual idea in his head that he would like to eat eels. He expresses this idea every two weeks or so, at the strangest times, by asking plaintively "Can we have an eel for dinner?" It is possible that as well as being part puppet, he is part Basque.

He had conjunctivitis on Friday so Elf and I took half a day each off work. He is great fun to spend time with, and quite self-sufficient most of the time. He is not old enough yet to get bored (Marcus is), and has very little interest in games for more than one person, (Marcus thrives on them). Michael will be digging, or building with Lego, or creating amazing linguistic drawings at the table, and one is free to work, read or sit and watch him as the spirit moves. He uses a lot of energy dancing, wriggling, climbing over the couches and doing physical things that just actually defy description.

Michael told me he was a chicken, and to prove it he would fly. When he climbed up on the arm of the couch and leapt off, he plummeted to earth in a solid nuggety lump so much like a genuine farmyard chicken would that I guffawed heartily.

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