Thursday, February 05, 2009

Dipping my toe in Second Life

So, we are doing some work on e-Safety and Safe Surfing and all that, for the federal government. I am having to get up-to-date on a raft of new things that have hitherto passed me by. One of these is Second Life. You create an "avatar" and stride/fly around inside this amazing 3d world, with other people's avatars. If you walk through someone its expected that you'll apologise, its quite rude.

I just looked up the Second Life FAQ and here are my favourites.

1. How do I make money ?
2. How do I detach something from my head ? (or other body part)
3. Why are there so many girls‎ in Second Life ?
4. Hey, Can we have sex here ?
5. Why do I have a box on my head/hand‎?
6. Why can't I stand up from this sofa‎?

Here is my first try at a fat, badly dressed avatar. I was the only fat person in cyberspace, and I have now given in to peer group pressure and slimmed down.


Anonymous said...

I did exactly the same thing when I investigated SL and made myself a tremendously obese fox in hotpants (an actual fox, not a saucy lady).

People were actually pretty abusive. I did not warm to the experience at all.

I would like to see your fat, badly dressed guy doing the endless dancing on the spot to make money though...

chris rees said...

I think in these dark economic times we can all take a leaf out of Tina Turner's book, when we are thinking of ways to get by. Hard to buy food with Linden Dollars © though.