Saturday, February 14, 2009

A movie and a wallaby

In honour of St. Valentine's Day, Elf and I have just been to the movies, to see Ghost Town with Ricky Gervais and Tea Leone. A movie is a once-or-twice a year things for us, so reasonably special. I'd give this one a B+, its moderately heartwarming, quite funny, has a good cast and a good script.

It's not very well known that St Valentine is the patron saint of not just lovers, but also wallabies. When we got home I flicked on the outside light to feed Hattie and a small wallaby up on the lawn just kept on munching, pretty much ignoring me and the small carnivore at my feet. We have had stacks of wallaby company all summer. I've been woken up many times by one hopping across the deck just above and backwards a metre from my head. Strangely we never hear or see possums anymore.

From looking back through the blog I can see this has been an exceptional summer for wallabies. One night in January we had three at once, a male and two females. To our amazement the females got up on back legs and started fighting, á la Sir David Attenborough documentaries (forgive me re-using this pic from last year).

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