Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jon Stewart quote

I have never seen The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, apart from the odd burst on YouTube. It seems to be very funny, a bit lefty, pretty sharply satirical but firmly anchored in current affairs. Anyway - here is a great quote.
"If you don't stick to your values when they're being tested, they're not values: they're hobbies."

I think this was in regard to the Patriot Act, the US policy of rendition and the Bush administration's efforts to redefine "torture", all attempts to wage the War on Terror.


Legwarmer Productions said...

I watch this 'every time' it's on - Mon-Thur most of the year/online >> makes me feel less alone in a world of idiots + gives some hope + and more than anything, much needed giggles ;)

chris.dadness said...

Matthew Snarls! Welcome to my blog - no that's OK, keep your shoes on. I see you have been a Blogger since 2000, you Early Adopter of Technology.

I must sit down and watch a Daily Show in full one day. Apart from Stewart, John Hodgman is a genius - have you come across his books? He actually replied to my emails a few times, so the man is high on my list of Sweet Guys.

All the best to you and big thanks for being my second follower! Give my regards to FC St Pauli - the mighty Brown Pirates.

Legwarmer Productions said...

will do ;)

back on the air next monday - online tuesday: free full episodes

rock on//

Legwarmer Productions said...

final word - just noticed John made turned up the other day...

cheers mate//matt