Saturday, February 28, 2009

Marcus's 7th birthday spent on the greens

Marcus turned seven today. Elf masterminded the presents - a build-your-own-crystals kit, and a pair of very good little walkie-talkies. The WTs have been a hit all day.

We booked a party at Putters Adventure Golf for Marcus and 7 of his mates. They all had a great time, both inside chowing down, and outside putting. One of the dads and I led groups of four each up, down and around the 18 holes. Putters is built around a large slope, with dense little blobs of native bush and lots of water hazards. A few times I had to go back to the clubhouse for a spare ball or to help someone find the toilet, and I had to either walk through another group's game or take a compass and packed lunch and go scrub-bashing. Michael scamped about talking incessantly, which was handy for me to know where he was.

The kids loved it but Elf and I were first bemused and finally pretty furious with the slack service. When we first arrived I asked a girl if I could pay for the booking. She squeaked a bit and went looking for someone who knew what to do. A friendly tall youth came out of the kitchen eating a sandwich. He held the (quite tasty looking) sandwich in one hand as he looked through a book for a record of our deposit. After first suggesting we'd come on the wrong day, he found it, took my money and gave change. The receipt and notes missed my hand and flipped onto the counter because he was doing it all with one hand. It went downhill from there. I won't bore you with the details.

Back home the walkie-talkies came out again and the fun continued. The boys next door came over for a game of cricket. Marcus is bowling extremely fast on the 6-metre-long pitch, such that I find I have to start my bat swing just as he lets the ball go. While batting he has cleared the back fence several times this weekend, which under our current backyard rules gets him 12 runs. The backyard rules are now under review.

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