Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Squiglets, nice clean desk, rain

As you can see I am spending a bit of time roaming through Wikipedia at work at the moment. Work is a bit slow - the project I am working on is a bit rudderless. It's a DVD promoting a primary school exercise program. Initially I thought it would be really fun, with little bits of video for me to embellish with colour treatments, animated squiglets, do-funnies and so on. It turns out it is all shot in High Definition, the files are massive, there are heaps of them, and there is no way my little Mac can cope. So I am supplying a range of transparent squiglets to the film editor, who will lay them in where she sees fit. She is very nice, and I'm sure she will take suggestions on board. But it's not going to be that much fun. Also the client has been a bit disappointing, and told me my colour choices were "trashy". -Sigh-

At home - well, I have spent a few evenings clearing my desk to make way for a burst of creativity. The big drawing of our house is pretty much where I left it. Tonight I might try a little still life drawing or something to ease back in to that world. STOP PRESS - did a reasonable sketch of a wallaby skull.

We have had a rainy week, which has been great. When rain isn't followed up by more you know that what you've just received is getting burnt off by sun and wind. Things are greening up, just as the deciduous things are starting to deciduate. The overcast skies have made for some very dark mornings, and we are having to haul the kids out of bed at times, which is unusual. Summer time will end soon and we'll get that hour in the morning back again.

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