Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A stupid bad dream of retail hell

I had a very busy night last night - an extremely complicated dream that just went on and on. I was walking home to the house I grew up in, in Burnie. There is a waterfall, and the road crosses the creek just above it. As I was just getting to where I would usually hear the waterfall, I saw some big retail buildings that shouldn't have been there. An enormous big box mall had appeared overnight.

To cut to the chase, there were lots of different shops but the one that really got my attention was an electrical/furniture megastore (like Harvey Norman) called Rabid. Yes, Rabid. And one of their catchy promotions was that with every washing machine or freezer they sold, they gave away a puppy. A puppy!

I demanded to see the manager. I tore a strip off him, ranting and berating him for a) giving away puppies whose welfare would be doubtful at best and b) having the bad taste to even call a store "Rabid", let alone associate it in some way with actual dogs.

The manager said the name of the shop was his wife's idea. She happened to be there, and when I turned my withering fury on her, she said she thought it was a great name as it would attract people who were "rabid for bargains".

Then (still in the dream) my mobile rang, and it was my friend Bree calling to ask "Where the hell is my disk?" I had no idea what she was talking about, and was feeling pretty exhausted and sick of the dream by this stage.

Then (in real life) Michael (who was also dreaming) called out "NO!!". So that woke me up and gave me something real to worry about.

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