Monday, October 05, 2009

Are you concerned about Tin Whiskers?

The internet is really het up about it. Some things I Googled;

  • Many companies are haunted with worry about tin whiskers.

  • Tin whiskers arise from stresses in the plating.

  • Tin whiskers don't have to be airborne to damage equipment.

  • To address the threat of tin whiskers, a review of mitigation strategies is presented.

  • Tin whiskers have been identified or are highly suspected in the costly failure in a number of electronic systems.

  • CALCE Consortium has posted an alert, warning manufacturers of electronic hardware that tin whiskers represent a current failure risk, that must be addressed [TIN WHISKER ALERT, 2002]

  • In high-voltage, high-current circuits, any shorts caused by tin whiskers are quickly burnt out.

  • The phenomenon of tin whiskers is something you've likely heard discussed, maybe in scared whispered tones.

  • One group of theorists has estimated that tin whiskers have caused losses of billions of dollars to date.

  • This two day symposium will bring together international experts, in the field of tin whiskers.

  • In a perverse kind of way, tin whiskers are good for the consumer market.

I think the first thing you should do when you get home is just do a quick room-to-room check for any of those tin whiskers. I'll do the same. Then I'll call you. OK?

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