Monday, October 05, 2009

Mowing the mushrooms

The rain god gave us a bit of respite on the weekend. On Saturday I was actually able to mow the back lawn. After I mowed it, I was feeling so mow-tivated (heh) I dragged the mower up to the little public paddock behind and mowed that too (extremely long damp grass and rampant fungi). Then to celebrate, Marcus and I had a game of 2 on 2 soccer with Cam and Adrian from next door. Adrian and I triumphed with some awesome pinpoint passing, sharp finishing in front of goals and just a small number of well-timed shoves on my part.

On Sunday I went out to do my usual manual clipping of the steep front yard. Elf suggested I try mowing that too. I've always been too chicken, as it is not just steep but lumpy - there is a constant risk of stepping in a hole and letting the mower go, whence it would career across a busy road and then perhaps tumble into a front yard opposite, mowing all the while. Anyway, I did a light manual clip to reveal the basic contours of the land then went over it with the mower. Tidy! Our fence man is halfway through building our new front fence, so the whole area is generally looking a lot nicer and less student-share-housey all of a sudden.

By the time I had finished Marcus and the boys next door were baying for a rematch. This time Marcus and Cameron gave us a hiding 11-6.

POSTSCRIPT: This is quite a boring story so I feel the need to point out why mowing was so exciting. It has just been SO wet for four months (and apparently October is shaping up to continue this way) that a dry sunny weekend has been literally something to write home about. We usually average 212mm of rain from Jun-Sept, this year we had 416mm.


Julie Ward said...

I have compleate understanding of this mowing story ...I live in Ireland and this year managed to have the back and front lawn mown and the gardens tidy ALL ON THE SAME DAY !!! yep you heard correctly....much excitment in our house that day let me tell you lol

chris.dadness said...

Yes, I guess you don't get to be an 'Emerald Isle' without plenty of drizzle. Thanks for reading my blog and commenting from afar.

We have been in drought for the last 4-5 years, so apart from being above the historic average; compared to recent memory its been a Noah-style torrent.

People have built houses on former flood plains during that time and are now realising why the land was cheap!