Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Important List! #06 - More viruses

  • channel catfish virus
  • duck hepatitis B virus
  • friend virus
  • helper virus
  • human foamy virus
  • Johnson grass mosaic virus
  • mad itch virus
  • mouse minute virus
  • maize chlorotic dwarf virus
  • maize rough dwarf virus
  • nipple neck virus
  • sword bean distortion mosaic virus
  • strawberry crinkle virus
  • spring beauty latent virus
  • ukelelefish stunt virus
  • velvet tobacco mottle virus
  • watermelon curly mottle virus


Charles said...

we have to check all new cell liones for squirrel monkey virus at work. None of us know what exactly squirrel monkey virus is, or does though..

Charles said...

I meant cell "lines" not liones

chris.dadness said...

Much as I love squirrel monkeys and everything they do, I wish they would keep their virus in-house.