Thursday, October 01, 2009

Beware the Plate Detective

Just stumbled across a license plate collectors website - specifically his page of FAKES. Its quite a business, and man, does he take it seriously. Plate counterfeiting is a dark, murky sinister world. Just as well this guy is on the job.
EVIDENCE - An interesting QUOTE from the seller to long-time collector Dave Stratton at a Silver State Regional plate meet in Reno in the mid 1980's. I've included the exact text as I received it from Dave. Dave Stratton is ALPCA number 3445 , and at the time, I'm sure he was still a registered ALPCA member, although he's since dropped out to avoid becoming a SUSPENDED ALPCA member. Here's the text....

Original email from Dave S.
[...]it was at Little Joe Korosa's house coupled with the first Silver State Reno meet (1984---1986?) The conversation went like this:
Dave: "...the business of these bizarre countries you've been getting lately (North Korea....Afghanistan) is it true you use religion to get them out of there?"
Seller: "Sure [...] I don't get that many anyway, and if I run out, I make 'em up. I fulfill dreams..."
Dave: "Well, I wouldn't be attending any plate meets with that philosophy, because the word is already out on that subject."

With all the info I've been working on to prove that this guy was faking plates, I really would never have thought that he would just come out and admit that he's made up plates. Sometimes it just drops in your lap - Ed.
Here are a few of his collection of fake plates. I don't care what he says, I think they're pretty ace.

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