Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Some time ago, my Mum and Dad did a bit of clean-out at home. Among other things, I received the family copy of Mastermind, the 1970s coloured-pegs guess-the-code game. Marcus and I have made quite a bit of use of it. He got me in three guesses last night - but it helped that Michael was standing behind me giving Marcus a running commentary on how he was doing. (We also got Perception, thought up by the same guy as Mastermind, but unfortunately a dud). On their last visit Mum and Dad gave us something they found at a garage sale - Grand Mastermind.

We have just got to grips with it - its more complicated but still a good game. I was taken aback by the cover, however. When I was a kid, I found the original cover mysteriously sexy - I was too young for Bond films but its got all that late Sean Connery stuff going on. I imagined with enough practice, I would be making unbreakable codes, and perhaps by the time I was sixty I too would have lured a beautiful asian woman with my Mastermind prowess. Now this guy has raised the stakes - he's only early thirties, and a bit of a Nigel to boot, but he's got some sort of castle and two beautiful asian women.

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