Sunday, October 18, 2009

Crappy crime and lifelong nongs

1. The Mercury ran this story on Oct 6.
"Mr de Villiers said in the police tape that he was told three men called Josh lived in the house ... He said they were all let inside and the "biker dudes" asked the Joshes for their money back for the "dud pills"... Mr Chartrain has pleaded not guilty to a further count of assault by gesturing with a machete and Josef Steele has denied gesturing with a metal screw-like object."
2. Sentencing reported in this story on October 17.
...Bilac asked his friend Adam James Steele, 38, of Verona Sands, and his twin brother Hutchison-Steele to help organise a refund of the money ... Chartrain, of South Hobart ... carried a machete in case anything went wrong ... Josef Hutchison-Steele took on the role of negotiator "a bit more enthusiastically than anyone else"... The part-time musician wore his leather band outfit and he and his brother were mistaken for "biker dudes".
3. The penny finally drops that these dolts are the same guys who gave Elf a flyer 8 years ago, hoping we would hire them for our wedding. In part it says;
Sexy athletic pumped up Identical Twins Adam and Joey Steele are hitting the jackpot with an outstanding show for everybody ... Drums and Bass are pumped from the new Digital Mini Disk system providing ample backing for these physical sweat covered masters of sound. The STEELE TWINS are generously handsome and wear new age clothing as band uniform and always keep up with the ever changing rock scene.

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