Monday, January 11, 2016

All Creatures Great And Small - a self help book

We are working our way through 33 DVDs of All Creatures Great And Small, a British show about vets in Yorkshire in the 1930s. Elf has been reading the original James Herriot books to the boys for a few weeks.

I used to watch the show with my family as a kid in the early 80s. The episodes we are watching now were made in 1978, about 40 years after they are set. What's freaky is that the lag from now back to when the episodes were made is nearly 40 years.

I have an idea for a self-help book for men. The idea is that there are three basic types; Siegfried, James and Tristan. We are all a delicate blend of these three types, with one or another dominant. The book will teach you how to quit smoking, get out of your endless cycle of failed affairs or get over your tweed addiction, by gently tweaking the degrees of Siegfried, James and Tristan within.

All you need is a my book, gumboots, a tin bucket of warm water and soap, a fell and/or dale, and a cow with non-specific diarrhoea.


Swish said...

I'm a sucker for this sort of stuff. Remember watching this every Sunday night in the early years of married life. Something strangely calming about it. I feel the same way about Doc Martin.

Loud, fast angry music but languid tele for me.

chris rees said...

Yes, me too. If I am ever lucky enough to be driving a winding country road through a verdant landscape the ACG&S theme starts playing in my head. Another kipper please, Mrs Hall!

Nobody said...

My Dad would answer the phone, "Darrowby 385"

Interestingly the real Tristan and Siegfried were the physical opposites of those from the show.