Sunday, January 10, 2016

Montagu Bay Primary, another school with an amazing view

Today was Elf's last day on the holiday. She is now secretary of the local community group, she had to write up the minutes of the last meeting, so I took her hint and removed myself and the boys for a few hours.

Our favourite place to swim at is over the river at Clarence Pool, where on Sundays they sometimes have a big inflatable adventure gym thing. You have to climb over it to the end and try not to fall in the water. I let the boys do that while I struggled up and down and logged 350m in the end.

I wanted to stay out for a bit so I took the boys down to Montagu Bay Primary School for a look around. This is the view looking across their oval.

The Tasman Bridge essentially forms one boundary of it. Which is amazing, it must be really something during morning rush hour. But the view beyond the bridge is quite lovely, and there are water views in other directions too as the school occupies a point sticking out into the river. In fact it was just off this point that the Lake Illawarra sank after hitting the bridge in 1974.

We walked around the field and found a gate through to under the bridge, where Michael annoyed the fishermen by experimenting with the acoustics.

After that I took them up to Rosny Hill lookout where we could see the same setup from on high. That's Montagu Bay in the foreground with a few boats - I think I will set off for my next paddle from there.

Here is another view of the primary school and the bridge - I captured this in 2007 from the webcam at Rose Bay High School over the other side of the highway. The sun seems to be setting in a strange direction.

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