Thursday, January 14, 2016

Chucking things over the back fence

I love chucking things over our back fence. We have no neighbour there, it's a council reserve where people walk dogs. Along our fence is a grassy gully of invisibility and I have on occasions flipped very small dead things over there to go back to dust in privacy. (Anything bigger than a mouse or sparrow is treated to a dug grave within the boundary). I often say to Elf about anything that is done and dusted, spent, no good, broken, not up to snuff; "chuck it over the back fence".

I am very keen to hurl a whole lot of stuff over the back fence right now but finding it quite difficult. I have become a Twitter addict over the last year and I am taking a break from it now, but I would quite like the break to be permanent, ie chuck Twitter over the back fence.

I have made a lot of genuine and meaningful friendships on Twitter, and I have since met many of those people in real life (or at least in Melbourne which is similar) and am in touch with them in various other ways. I don't want to chuck the people over the back fence but I am enjoying a rest from reading and writing 'hot takes' on every single scurrilous thing.

However I have taken up Instagram, and since I don't have a Smartphone, and my iPad never leaves the house, I am not really up for the usual Instagram stream of documenting my existence. I do take pics on my Nokia 208 but then have to come home and Bluetooth them over - its quite different and not very Insta. Sally calls hers Latergrams.

Now I am taking the Not Insta even further by posting pics of drawings I have done, in some instances last century. It will hopefully be bait to keep me drawing more, and the ratio of new to old stuff will increase, especially when I run out of old stuff.

It feels strangely easier to put creative work out on Instagram to an online-friend audience than on Facebook, to an old-friends-and-family audience. In fact I had never posted a drawing on FB before I did so semi-accidentally today, and I actually don't think other people I follow do either, usually. It's just not the place for it somehow.

Also I will post drawings and source material here too, as I always have on and off.

Lamb hearts ©® 2007

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